In the last two years, the world of real estate has seen digital transformation enabling the industry to conduct more business online. With estate agents embracing digital technology, the industry adopted new habits to move homes safely and efficiently.

Through the use of property technology, or proptech in short, estate agents were able to provide the best possible customer service whilst working remotely, with the particular emphasis on digital conveyancing.

But how does one decide the best way forward when moving to online transactions?

Communication is Key – Let’s Keep Talking

Communication is one of the most critical elements of property transactions. With multiple parties involved in the process, everyone deserves to be kept in the loop and utilising communication tools within the digital conveyancing platform of your choice will not only help you stay in touch with your clients, buyers and vendors alike, but also improve an information flow between you and the conveyancing team working on the cases you’ve instructed.

Of course, the most effective method of communication will depend on the specific circumstances. However, digital communication has become a logical choice in the age of instant messaging and the rapid flow of information. For example, the WeCOMPLETE platform allows for permission-based group and individual communication, reducing the need for emails and traditional snail mail, whilst keeping all conversations in one central place.

Building Partnerships: Your Digital Bridge

Steve Jobs, one of the most influential tech visionaries of our times, said: “It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.” Even the best technology means very little without people who use it, especially for something as important as property completions. And sure enough, despite the advancements of modern conveyancing technology, all parties involved in the property transactions welcome a more collaborative method of working towards the shared goal – faster, more seamless and more transparent property completions.
As a platform, WeCOMPLETE not only facilitates and galvanises new relationships between estate agents and conveyancers, but helps the existing ones thrive in the digital environment. Agents bring their fully formed relationships and make them more robust with the use of shared technology and a deeper collaborative approach.

Integrated Case Management

The correct software enables your conveyancer to handle the case progression successfully and efficiently, as updating and exchanging information becomes much more accessible. When choosing a conveyancing platform, make sure you use the system where a single click can provide instant access to the data that might otherwise require searching through a paper file or speaking with others to obtain it. For example, the unique technology behind WeCOMPLETE automatically populates the system with the all-important data related to a property on the market, such as title plan and title number, UPRN and property photo, along with additional information including flood risk and plot size.

At the same time, case progression and milestones updates should be as seamless as possible. After all, this is one of the reasons you have introduced technology in the first place: to streamline and coordinate your work with the work of your conveyancing team. Find a system that will become a full CRM for the conveyancers, which will update all parties in real-time as the legal team progresses the case.

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