PropertyMutual has partnered with WeCOMPLETE to produce a significant and financially beneficial offering to their agents.  A live connection between the portal and agents’ own WeCOMPLETE branded conveyancing application is now available from the portal driving traffic, revenues and relationships to the agents directly.

Unlike other portals who aspire to remove ancillary earnings from agents, PropertyMutual recognises revenues from conveyancing form a significant and vital role to agents of all sizes. By connecting the technology directly into PropertyMutual, customers will be able to gain instant quotes in the agents branded quoting tool and receive quotes from the agent’s personally selected legal firms only. Once digitally instructed, the referral free revenues are paid directly to the agent.

The agent and the consumer enjoy the branded property completion hub. The agents, customers and legal teams work together to complete the property transaction showcasing the work undertaken by agents in property completions.

WeCOMPLETE uniquely addresses both referral free revenues and completion times within the technology. Andrew Goldthorpe, CEO of PropertyMutual explains, ‘I have taken time to form a solid and rewarding relationship for agents between a technology offering for completions and PropertyMutual because I recognise the significance of a potential ban on referral fees and completion times on agents cash flow. WeCOMPLETE is new and is already reducing completions to 28 days. When I looked at the mechanism of the offering and its ability to brand conveyancing for agents of all sizes, I knew WeCOMPLETE was different from any other tech offering in this space. I have taken the time to review live cases, and I’m certain our agents will be as impressed as I have been with this complete rethinking of the conveyancing process.’

Amy Simmons, CEO of WeCOMPLETE adds ‘we are elated to be joining in partnership with PropertyMutual, we certainly share the ethos of driving revenue to the agent and empowering the relationship between the estate agents and their customer. Each of the attachments to PropertyMutual will be bespoke to the agent as will the selections of legal teams who work and quote within the application.’

Completion times within the technology can be expected to be as little as 28 days on an average completion as the WeCOMPLETE platform provides advanced technology for legal teams, meaning usual slow processes are quickened, and levels of efficiency are heightened.

PropertyMutual agents can enjoy a free branded WeCOMPLETE platform before 28th February 2021.

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