With the real estate industry flooded with completion tracking systems, we have decided to ask one fundamental question: what problems does the tracking actually solve? We have looked at several platforms, and the answer has become apparent: apart from keeping people up to date – not many.

Property completion tracking has become one of the manual data entry jobs, and other systems rely on the input from estate agents to keep the sellers in the know.

How is WeCOMPLETE Different?

By embracing technology, we’ve accelerated every step of the conveyancing process by putting technology at the fingertips of conveyancers, who ultimately progress the case without the need for involvement from estate agents. WeCOMPLETE The platform provides legal teams with the tools to significantly speed up onboarding, document uploads, filing and electronic signatures, search ordering and returns, anti-money laundering checks, and much more, whilst notifying estate agents as the case progresses.

This advancement in property technology allows agents to transact quicker, with many achieving 50% faster completions after adopting WeCOMPLETE as their end-to-end property completion solution, with an average 28% reduction across cases reported by WeCOMPLETE, including the most complex and problematic of cases.

It doesn’t mean that estate agents stop playing an active part in the transaction – far from it!

The work of estate agents and conveyancers has been streamlined thanks to real-time updates, a unique sales progression calendar tracking, which can be viewed by all parties, and the platform for individual and group communication. It means that parties can communicate directly with each other, and every interaction is logged in the system, providing an extra level of transparency.

As the world of estate agency and conveyancing is experiencing digital transformation, the WeCOMPLETE platform reimagines the process for estate agents, sellers and buyers and their respective conveyancers by bringing them all under the same digital roof.

To see how WeCOMPLETE can help you embrace the digital transformations, book a demo today.

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