Transforming the landscape of the UK property industry through innovation is one of the goals of WeCOMPLETE. This is why we have joined forces with Classic Folios, and their market-leading portal SPACIABLE. We have partnered with Classic Folios, the supplier of new home handover solutions, to produce a new feature – SPACIABLE LEGAL.

The collaboration between SPACIABLE, an award-winning portal for developers and WeCOMPLETE is considered a big leap in the way new-build properties are traded in the UK. It enables the developers to sell their properties and nurture customer relations under their brand from reservation to completion, actively speeding up the process, with the ability to complete in just seven days.

SPACIABLE LEGAL is designed to work hand-in-hand with the most recent addition to the SPACIABLE portal, ‘My Journey’, which allows the buyer to follow a step-by-step process from any point of the buying process, anywhere and anytime.  Developer led, this journey can be as bespoke as they like, ensuring the buyer keeps up to date with their buying process, without skipping steps, and completes every task needed for completion.

SPACIABLE provides a platform for an end-to-end solution for the buyers’ journey and the new SPACIABLE LEGAL Powered by WeCOMPLETE within the platform provides the complete conveyancing package/tools.

The technology behind WeCOMPLETE enriches the SPACIABLE LEGAL experience by coordinating the work of the developers and conveyancers by providing access to real-time updates, a unique sales progression calendar tracking, which can be viewed and updated by all parties, and the platform for individual and group communication. It means that parties can communicate directly with each other whilst every interaction is logged in the system, providing an extra level of transparency. The platform also supports instant document uploads and electronic signatures, which significantly speeds up the completion process as there’s no need for posting documents and waiting for their return.

Additionally, instant conveyancing quotes are created, which can drive a new income stream: free revenue to the introducer – in this case, the developer.

The unique workflow of SPACIABLE LEGAL has been built for flexibility from the outset. It’s fully capable of accommodating schemes such as Help to Buy, chains, part-exchange and shared ownership. With comprehensive automation, WeCOMPLETE makes it possible for SPACIABLE LEGAL to save a significant amount of time to reach exchange of contracts sooner and enables the homeowners to move into their dream property quicker – a success previously seen in resale arena and enjoyed by estate agents who adopted WeCOMPLETE.

David Graydon, Managing Director of Classic Folios, commented:

“With housing providers striving for, and customers seeking, the optimal five-star customer service experience, SPACIABLE is a tool to help both sides, offering everything an occupier will need at their fingertips, while also assisting the housing industry in providing a seamless customer journey at a time where face-to-face interaction can be difficult to achieve, thereby helping compliance with social distancing. Teaming up with WeCOMPLETE will only strengthen our offering, and we look forward to helping developers speed up their reservation to completion process.”

Amy Simmons, CEO of WeCOMPLETE, added:

“We are extremely pleased to announce the strategic partnership with Classis Folios and to offer unparalleled speed, efficiency and seamless communication from reservation to completion. WeCOMPLETE has been meticulously designed to tackle the complex process, and make a difference to both, developers and homebuyers.”

To book a demo, developers should contact SPACIABLE Legal on 023 8062 6280 or visit www.classicfolios.com.

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