In the property industry, one of the most reliant of relationships is forged between estate agents and conveyancers. On the surface, it’s a purely commercial, mutually advantageous collaboration; however, it goes much deeper than this.

With conveyancing delays cited as one of the main reasons for fall-throughs of property completions, strong alliances between estate agents and conveyancers are now more critical than ever. The annual Legal Ombudsman report revealed that conveyancing is the subject of nearly one in every four complaints (23%), with communication being seen as one of the main areas in desperate need of improvement.

How Can This Be Improved?

This is the point at which technology comes into play. With legal teams increasingly expanding their reach and many clients instructing conveyancers located outside the area of their residence, it’s imperative for estate agents and their legal colleagues to create a stronger bond, focused on providing the best customer experience to their clients.

With the digitisation of conveyancing, legal firms and estate agents have access to the resources necessary to stay on top of their clients’ cases via integrated technology that not only provides real-time updates 24 hours a day, seven days a week but can also significantly improve communication between an agent and a conveyancer, and help them strengthen their working relationship.

The same is true for clients, both sellers and buyers. Adopting the innovative conveyancing technology will improve their relationship with conveyancers and estate agents, as they will benefit from real-time updates and their expectations are correctly and effectively managed.

Communication is Key

According to the Legal Ombudsman, clients’ irritation and subsequent complaints result from disjointed communication. More than ever, it is critical for all parties to work in tandem to meet and manage the consumers’ expectations, and it’s a perfect opportunity to introduce technology to streamline the work of estate agents with their respective conveyancing teams. Ultimately, both the estate agent and the conveyancer have the same goal: to close the deal as fast as possible, offer a hassle-free property journey for their mutual client, and be compensated for their professional services.

To that end, we have carefully examined each step and used technology to streamline the tasks that traditionally take a lot of time and enabled conveyancers to progress the case faster. As a result, we have expedited client onboarding, AML, e-signature, form filling, document filing, search orders and returns, communication, payment collection and more.

With that in mind, the interaction between all parties in the property transaction must be the most novel part of the WeCOMPLETE journey, recognising for the first time who is required to complete a purchase or sale and bringing all parties together in one platform. Yes, it is a technology that enables faster property completions, but it facilitates strategic partnerships and helps build strong relationships between conveyancers and estate agents, which become the bedrock of modern property completions.

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