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With WeCOMPLETE integrated into your website and the websites of participating estate agencies, you can generate new business and gain instructions directly from your site. The comparison quoting tool helps you compete for new cases locally and nationally.

Quotes are not only able to be selected on price. Estate agents can present you as their recommended team. It gives all parties involved the confidence that their property is in the right hands and reflects your professionalism and credibility to other potential partners.

Instruction is fully automated, with electronic signature and messaging within the system, and payment on account is securely collected via the system.

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Seamless Integration

To ensure speed and efficiency, WeCOMPLETE allows you to conduct AML checks directly on your clients' mobile phone by utilising the array of security protocols, including biometric facial recognition, data verification, document authentication and radiofrequency verification (chip reading). The information collated in the process is securely stored and ready for audit.

WeCOMPLETE enables you to order and instruct instant or time estimated property searches and related insurances and allows you to share the results as soon as they arrive in the system keeping all parties, estate agents and clients up to date.

WeCOMPLETE is a platform that allows contractual documents to be easily uploaded, sent for electronic signature and completed within the system along with Stamp Duty Land Tax forms and requests for payment. Send requests for documents to external parties and take advantage of instant document filling as documents are returned within the case profile. Comments and queries can be instantly raised on a document by all or selected parties, and everyone involved can view them or engage in communication.

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Collaboration and Communication

Invite interested parties to view and comment on the case by controlling their access permissions. By allowing full access to the case, you enable relevant parties to follow the conversation between the teams, preview the progress of their transaction, and more.

A simple calendar system allows you to estimate the time scales involved with every given aspect of the case. Drag and drop relevant action icons in the dates field within the calendar, to indicate when the action is likely to take place and denote when it is complete.

Queries and questions to third parties can be raised directly from within the system, and their responses will be filed on the case as soon as they arrive. Legal teams can make comments and remarks upon uploaded documents to guide your clients understanding as they arrive into the case filing system.

To ensure the flow of communication, you can organise conversations into channels based on topics surrounding specific cases and invite relevant parties to take part.
Additionally, estate agents who have an interest in the case can be invited to get involved in the case through the comprehensive set of permissions. They can be granted Progress Only view or Full Access, which will enable them to become a part of the conversation and remove the need for constant updates via email or telephone.

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