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Anyone buying or selling a property will tell you that the home moving process is one of the most challenging life events. But, primarily due to the archaic manner in which property is transacted. The national average for legal property completion is 18 weeks and growing - it's time for change.

Conveyancing still involved face to face identity checks for anti-money laundering, wet signatures, reams of paper and snail-mail. 2020 saw the onset of COVID-19, solicitors working from home and making multiple trips to the office to transport paper files home. A booming housing market with the Stamp Duty Land Tax Holiday introduction highlighted the archaic process’s inadequacies. Remote ID verification, electronic signature, remote working, and electronic storage of legal documents was no longer a luxury but needed.


At WeCOMPLETE we studied the anxieties of homeowners, and the solution became clear. It needed to reduce timescales, offer transparency on fees and process, update and manage expectations, and offer support throughout.

You can fully customise the experience by setting your preferences; for example, specify which legal teams you prefer to work with. Suppose you have a preferred team of conveyancers. In that case, you can choose to show only their quote, select them as your preferred partner or allow fully competitive quoting, which will allow all legal teams subscribed to WeCOMPLETE to view open cases and submit their quotes.

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At WeCOMPLETE we started planning in 2018 and developing in 2019. In 2020 WeCOMPLETE launched the end-to-end digital conveyancing platform, coordinating estate agents, house builders, mortgage brokers and legal teams using world-class technology to progress the transaction.

A SaaS platform with multi-tenant white label ability is now available to the whole introducer and legal firm arena that can scale and change the pace of transactions across the UK as a whole.

Adopted by conveyancers as a complete CRM, WeCOMPLETE has fundamentally changed the pace of conveyancing, with every step of the process painstakingly expedited. As legal teams progress a case, updating introducers and clients enables all parties to stay in touch in real-time, eliminating labour intensive phone calls and email communication. As a result, remote and paperless completions are achieved in under 28 days with an average six-week reduction, including the most complex cases and a fall through rate a third of the national average.


As the single independently owned end-to-end digital conveyancing platform, we are open to conversations with potential investors. For more information, please email invest@we-complete.com

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